Artifact of the Week: Sir John Colborne Coat of Arms

Welcome to Artifact of the Week from Port Colborne Historical and Marine Museum. This week’s artifact is the Coat of Arms of Sir John Colborne, Baron Seaton, donated by Graeme Ott.

Sir John Colborne

Sir John Colborne, 1st Baron Seaton, served as Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada from 1828 until 1836. Colborne was an avid supporter of the new development of the Welland Canal. The new village created at Gravelly Bay, the southern terminus of the canal, was named Port Colborne in 1833 in his honour.

Sir John’ Colborne’s coat of arms includes a British infantry soldier and a First Nation warrior flanking a shield mounted by a stag’s head. The motto Sperat Infestis means “Hope in Adversity.”



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