Celebrate our volunteers on National Volunteer Week

The Mayor’s Report with Welland Mayor Frank Campion

Frank Campion, Mayor City of Welland. Photo by Thies Bogner

By Mayor Frank Campion – From April 23 to 29, Volunteer Canada and the City of Welland will celebrate Canada’s 12.7 million volunteers during National Volunteer Week. The City of Welland will host its annual volunteer appreciation evening on Wednesday April 26, 2017, by recognizing over 250 volunteers that make valuable contributions to our community every day.

Welland has always had a generous community of dedicated volunteers and community supporters. Due to the diligence of these volunteers, we are able to enjoy special events throughout the year, we have social programs to turn to in a time of need, and we have a strong sense of benevolence in our community.

Although our volunteers range from youth to senior, Welland’s senior community plays a significant role on the city’s volunteer landscape. According to volunteer.ca, seniors volunteer an average of 223 hours each year, and are an important demographic in Canada’s volunteer sector. Welland is fortunate to have a team of gifted senior volunteers who assist with organizing events and offering a wealth of knowledge at the Welland Community Wellness Complex. Welland Council and city staff are grateful for their efforts.

Volunteers enrich our lives with their energy, skills and talents. Through volunteering people also become rooted in their communities and become better connected to the people and places where they live. Welland also has an extraordinary group of young volunteers who contribute to the vibrancy of this city in a variety of ways. The Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council are trailblazers in fundraising strategies and youth engagement. Because of their passion and dedication to gain a new Welland skate park, the city is updating the current park through grants and funds raised by our youth.

We all have a role to play in showing appreciation and letting volunteers know how important they are. While we encourage everybody to recognize the efforts of volunteers year-round, National Volunteer Week is a special time to celebrate the collective efforts of all volunteers. For volunteer opportunities visit welland.ca.

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