Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Point Abino Lighthouse

This Saturday, June 10, the Point Abino Lighthouse Preservation Society (PALPS) is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Point Abino Lighthouse with tours and special presentations.


“There will be speeches by Mayor Wayne Redekop, Anna Annunziata, for Rob Nicholson, Sandy Annunziata, Regional Council, John Maloney, Mayor of Port Colborne, formally  of the federal government, who passed over the keys for the Lighthouse to the town, and more,” a press release from the Point Abino Lighthouse Preservation Society said.  “As well, Canada Post, Ridgeway, will be there with their unveiling of a new Point Abino Lighthouse Cancellation. Bring your envelopes to be stamped or buy our pre stamped “First Day of Issue” postcards.”

Lighthouse Cancellation from the Post Office

There will also be a Limited Number of Point Abino Lighthouse Permanent stamps,” the release said.

There are 4 tours for the day 10AM, 11:15, 12:30 and 1:45. The first tour is sold out.

“We will have an actor (Rick Nigh) on the bus playing the first Keeper, Pat Augustine, just for these 4 tours,” the release said. “Each person that takes our tour bus will also get a special made, 100th Anniversary Postcard, made especially for this event.”

For Tours, please call 905 871 1600, ext 2431. If not sold out, tickets will also be sold on site.

The event will be in the Bertie Boating Club Pavilion, next to the Bus loading area.

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