City of Welland is developing new website

Looking for resident input through online survey

wellandlogoThe City of Welland is redeveloping its municipal website as part of a strategic initiative to rebrand and reposition the City for the future.

City staff and Council also want to make it easier for people to connect with the municipality; therefore, the public is being asked to complete a short online survey that will assist in building a customer-centered and information-driven municipal website.

Now in the infancy stage of development, a cross functional team of municipal staff has been tasked with this project, and they are seeking input from residents and key stakeholders. The new website is set to launch this September along with a whole new image.

Mayor Frank Campion says the design of the new website will open up faster communication with the public and provide easier navigation and innovative search functions to quickly direct users to the City’s hard and soft services.

“Improving our communications with residents and stakeholders is a strategic priority for Council, and I’m pleased the new website will be redesigned based on staff and resident input,” said Campion. “In addition to being a resource for City programs and services, we need our website to market the City of Welland and tell our story.”

Today’s online users need a mobile-friendly website that works well with all types of platforms, such as laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. The new website will further enhance the City’s social media presence and easily connect and inform its users.

“Our website, more than ever before, is the first point of contact for residents, visitors, and businesses,” said Gary Long, Welland’s Chief Administrative Officer. “Our analytics are showing increased website usage or “hits” and we need to redesign our site with the latest in website technology and graphic design. We want it to be accessible, customer-focused, community minded, while at the same time being an integral part of our economic development strategy.”

Visit the City’s website to take the survey and help create a more user-friendly website to better serve the public at

Source – City of Welland press release

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