City of Welland procurement procedure is getting smarter

The City of Welland Finance and Engineering Departments are modernizing procurement practices by making it easier and far more convenient for the business community to respond to bids. The Finance Department is in the infancy stage of introducing electronic-bidding, with the intention to better accommodate re-occurring bidding vendors, and attract new businesses as potential suppliers.

Electronic-bidding is a paperless bid response to relevant bid opportunities. Not all bids through the city’s procurement process will be electronic-bid compatible; however, each bid opportunity will specify whether an electronic or traditional paper response is required. Electronic-bidding will promote standardization of bid documents and clear communication of bid scope and requirements, while making it more convenient for the bidder to respond from home or the office.

Another recent enhancement to bid opportunities is the acceptance of bid bonds as a form of bid deposit. Previously, only certified cheques or bank drafts were the approved form of a bid deposit. Erik Nickel, Manager of Engineering Services for the City of Welland says the recent acceptance of bid bonds sends an important message to the contracting community that the City of Welland is open for business. “No longer will bidders be required to tie-up valuable working capital while they wait for contracts to be awarded,” said Nickel.

Adam Beres, Purchasing Agent for the City of Welland is pleased by the changes implemented to the current purchasing practices. “Our objective is to encourage a diverse background of vendors to partner with the city on upcoming opportunities, and with these enhancements, access to bid opportunity has become greater,” said Beres. “As we move towards electronic bidding, we look forward to receiving consistently compliant bids and improving communication with all valued suppliers.”

For more information on the city’s procurement policies and directions on accessing bid opportunities visit or follow the link.

Source – City of Welland press release

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