City of Welland’s 2018 budget process underway

The City of Welland kicked off their 2018 Budget deliberations last night with a staff presentation to the City’s Budget Review Committee (BRC).

Highlights include:

  • 2018 Tax Supported Operating Budget of approximately $58 million that will equate to an estimated 1.91% tax increase, excluding “Decision Units” to be reviewed during budget deliberations
  • 2018 Tax-Supported Capital Budget of approximately $12.3 million and a 2018-2027 Capital Forecast that outlines projections for the city’s infrastructure investment needs and a capital financing plan
  • strategic options for the proposed 2018 Rate Supported Water/Wastewater Operating Budget; Water/Wastewater Capital Budget of approximately $10.7 million and a 2019-2028 throughout the year Capital Forecast

“The City’s Corporate Leadership Team (CLT) recognized the challenges and opportunities in finalizing the 2018 Budget and a priority was to maintain fiscal responsibility and core services while minimizing the impact to the taxpayer,” said Steve Zorbas, the city’s General Manager of Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer. “The budget is a living document for the organization. CLT has worked collaboratively throughout the year on cost containment and revenue generation initiatives to create financial flexibility and ensure the city has a solid financial foundation that’s guided by transparency and sustainability.

“Council is supportive of the streamlined budget process developed by staff in 2015 which allows the BRC to focus on higher level strategic issues and decision units; therefore, moving the process forward to completion before the end of 2017,” said Budget Chair, Councillor John Mastroianni. “We’re looking forward to getting underway and working with staff and engaging the community to confirm priorities for 2018.”

A public open house has been scheduled for Monday, October 30, 2017, in the Community Room, starting at 4:00 p.m. A 2018 Budget Timetable, approved by Welland City Council, outlines the budget meeting schedule for this fall, including the final meeting scheduled for December 12, 2017.

Source – City of Welland press release

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