When it comes to perceived well-being, perspective is everything

Brock logo this oneBrock University press release – The definition of living a happy and satisfying life can be very different depending on your age.

A Brock University psychology professor says while younger adults tend to be overly optimistic, older adults tend to be the opposite.

Associate Professor Michael Busseri will discuss the different ways of thinking about and experiencing well-being across the lifespan during a community event being held at Brock Thursday, Oct. 12 from 6 to 8 p.m.

Well-Being and Aging: Understanding our beliefs and experiences of well-being across the lifespan is the next Speaker Series event hosted by Brock’s Centre for Lifespan Development Research and Growing with Brock. The event is free and open to the public, but reservations are required and available online at brockwellbeing.eventbrite.ca.

Busseri, Associate Professor of Psychology and Director of Brock’s Well-Being Research Lab, said when it comes to outlooks on life, there are “dramatic differences between age groups.

“Younger adults seem to see life as getting better and better over time, whereas older adults see life in terms of decline,” he said. “So people see very different futures depending on their age.”

Busseri said he hopes to provide new insights into how people of all ages can live their lives with a different perspective.

“Despite all the radical changes we experience, there’s a strong story of stability. Even things like losing a job or splitting up with a spouse do not necessarily spell the end of our happiness or well-being.

“We aren’t always aware of just how good we are at adapting to change and at responding to life’s ups and downs,” Busseri said, “and growing older doesn’t have to mean getting less happy.”

  • What: Well-Being and Aging: Understanding our beliefs and experiences of well-being across the lifespan
  • Who: Community members, educators, practitioners, students and researchers interested in learning more about well-being across the lifespan
  • When: Thursday, Oct. 12, 6 to 8 p.m.
  • Where: David S. Howes Theatre, Brock University
  • Parking: Free for attendees in D Lot

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