Community Cleanup Challenge begins in Pelham

Businesses, schools, and residents in Pelham are being asked to pitch in to help take out the trash.

From April 20-22 the Town will be hosting community cleanup days, with each day challenging the different groups to help keep Pelham beautiful.

The corporate challenge kicks the campaign off, with local businesses minding their storefronts and surrounding areas, keeping them free of garbage and debris. The Town is providing businesses that have registered with garbage bags, gloves, and safety vests for the duration of the cleanup.

Day two sees the challenge shift to students and teachers of elementary and high schools. This group will be responsible for the cleanup of their school grounds and, if they are able, adjacent parks. Garbage curbside pickup will be available for the schools that register.

On the final day, April 22, the residents of Pelham are invited to join their friends, neighbors, and colleagues as a cleanup of Centennial Park will take place from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

“It’s really great to see all of our community volunteers, schools, and businesses come together to enhance our beautiful town,” said Jodi Hendriks, Culture & Community Enhancement Programmer. “Cleanup days give participants a way to demonstrate their commitment to the environment, and the places they work, live, and play.”

The Town wishes to thank Tim Hortons and the Fabulous Fenwick Lions for their generosity; on the final day, Tim Hortons is providing garbage bags, coffee, and timbits to volunteers, and the Lions are hosting a free barbeque.

All residents are encouraged to help keep Pelham beautiful and clean throughout the year by utilizing garbage and recycle bins in parks, downtown streets, and other areas.

Source – Town of Pelham press release



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