Fire at Windshield King in Welland

Welland Fire and Emergency Serives with help from the Pelham department work to contain a fire at the Windshield King in Welland Thursday night.

The Welland Fire and Emergency Services Department are currently on the scene of a working fire at the Windshield King on East Main St. in Welland.

The call came in shortly after 7 p.m. on Thursday Aug. 10/2017, Adam Eckhart, Deputy Fire Chief, Welland Fire and Emergency Services told Erie Media.

“When the first pumper arrived they looked around and confirmed there was smoke in the area, they started laying land lines,” Eckhart said. “The building was secure, so, they forced an entry to get into the building.”

“As more crews arrived they went into the interior to advance on the fire, the fire continued to grow, there is a significant fuel load in the building,” he said. “At that point we identified that nobody was in the building and we moved to a defensive position.”

After they moved into their defensive position, it was decided with the amount of smoke and that the fire was building, they called in a truck for mutual assist from the Pelham Fire and Emergency Services.

“The investigation is going to continue tomorrow, everybody is out safely,” Eckhart said.

At about 10 p.m. the fire seemed to be contained, visible flames were gone and the smoke in the area had cleared as firefighters continued to extinguish the fire.


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