Holy Name School bracelet sales helping those in need

Students of Holy Name Catholic Elementary School Makenna Patten, Noah Abdelmaksoud, Shalize Dookie and Matthew Roda are part of the grade eight class which has surpassed their goal selling Rafiki Bracelets, the proceeds support a ME to WE Artisan in Kenya as well as others in need.

For the grade eight students at Holy Name Catholic Elementary School the meaning of helping out the community has extended well beyond the City of Welland, the Niagara Region, the province and the country.

“Our school is selling Rafiki Bracelets,” grade eight student Shalize Dookie. “Each bracelet was made by a woman in Kenya.”

The hand-made Rafiki Bracelets (In Swahili, the word for friend is rafiki) are made by a woman in Kenya. She produces the bracelets and is earning a fair wage for her work, helping her support her family. She is a ME to WE  Artisan.

A portion of the sales not only directly supports a ME to WE Artisan, the proceeds also go towards children and families in WE Charity’s partner communities providing healthcare, school supplies, alternative income opportunities and more.

“It’s all for the woman in Kenya, that’s what she does for a living,” grade eight student Matthew Roda said. “We think of it as donations, when we went around selling them, we told the people that ‘Don’t look at it as buying a bracelet, but as making a donation, the bracelet is a reward.”

“The money raised also goes into income for the village,” grade eight student Noah Abdelmaksoud said.

“It goes towards food, water, education and healthcare,” Dookie added.

The students realize the importance of helping others out in need.

“It’s a way for us to help the community,” grade eight student McKenna Patten said. “It’s a way we can give back to people who don’t have what we and other people have, so we are giving back to them.”

They did so well at selling the bracelets, they tripled their goal.

“Our goal was $1,000, we thought that was reasonable,” Abdelmaksoud said. “We ended up making $3,020, we tripled it.”

And they are still selling more.

“We had so many people who wanted to purchase them that we’ve extended our selling time one week,” Roda said.

People who wish to support the school in this fundraising effort can contact Holy Name Catholic Elementary School at 905 732 4992 to get in touch with the students to order bracelets.




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