Local country artist releases first album

Photo from Dean Young Music – Local country artist Dean Young has released his debut album.

For Dean Young, there is a lot of musical history in his family, so, it is was natural that he would find himself interested in music.

Originally born and raised in Port Colborne, Young now resides in Fort Erie.

“I was raised in a very musical family,” Young said. “My father Bazil and his brother Walter Young, hosted a radio show at CHOW for a period of time. My father played traditional country every weekend and was well known in the area. I remember falling asleep to many band rehearsals as a child.”

“My Mom, Charlotte, sang in the choir every Sunday. My Dad started featuring me at barn dances when I was three, and I have many great memories of playing/singing in my Dad’s band over the years,” he said.  “When I think of my Dad, the first image that comes to mind is him singing while playing his Gibson guitar. “

“Music comes naturally to me and I have always admired the craft of a well written song,” he said.  “My Uncle Walter did a lot of song writing and I guess that influenced me as well while I was growing up. So I guess it was more of a natural draw to music, than a dream.”

Now, Young is celebrating after launching his very first CD, Makin’ A Life, available through www.deanyoungmusic.com as well as available for download or streaming on most regular music outlets.

“It’s an amazing feeling when ideas that start out on a scrap of paper, grow into a finished album,” Young said.

“I am thrilled to have had my songs added to commercial radio Canada wide,” he said.  “One of the coolest things about this is, for example, getting a screen shot from a friend in Ohio who’s just heard one of my songs on SiriusXM.”

“Success for me is having people enjoy my music and connecting with it on some level.”

His motivation to pursue his music has come from his own family.

“Watching my father throughout the years, working hard at a day job (Port Colborne Dairy, Rich Products) and playing most weekends, showed me his drive and love for music. His example showed me that if you want something, you need to work for it,” he said.  “My wife and kids have also been a great motivation and support throughout the years.”

The album features original songs by the artist:

  • Carnival Ride
  • Tennessee Honey
  • Get Your Country On
  • Last Man Standing
  • It’s a Seven Day World
  • Whether
  • Love Them Like Crazy
  • Before You Walk Away

“Three of the album’s songs (Tennessee Honey, Carnival Ride, Get Your Country On) were released to radio over the past year and Dean had great success as a newcomer, Independent country artist, receiving airplay Canada wide, in the USA, as well as numerous international online stations,” a press release announcing the CD release said.

Young said that in the immediate future, he will be “working hard to promote the album and continuing to write music and perform.”

A CD release party is being held Saturday September 2/2017 in Fort Erie, details are available on the Dean Young Music website, www.deanyoungmusic.com

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