Museum season opens with a look back at Port Colborne in photos

Assistant curator Michelle Mason slides an old camera into the display case. The Port Colborne Historical and Marine Museum has opened for the year leading off with the exhibit “Exposure 150: A Photographic History of Port Colborne.”

The Port Colborne Historical and Marine Museum has kicked off its year Monday May 1, leading off with an exhibit in honour of Canada’s Sesquicentennial. Exposure 150: A Photographic History of Port Colborne features a mosaic of 150 local photographs illustrating the stories of the people, places and accomplishments of the community.

“It’s a photographic history of Port Colborne,” Port Colborne Historical and Marine Museum assistant curator Michelle Mason said. “It has tintypes, glass plates, black and white photos, colour photos and post cards all about the people, places and events of the community.”

“It’s a photo exhibit, but, also a museum photo exhibit, so, what I did was I paired a lot of the photographs with the artifact attached to it kind of giving more of the story to it,” she said.  “Most of them are directly connected to the photograph, some are just reflective of the photograph.”

“There’s a lot of great history here,” Mason said. “There’s a section on the building of the canal, the merchants of Port Colborne, the industries, sports, leisure and the social settings. Kind of an overall view of the community, how it changed with the canal.”

“All the photos have come from our collection,” she said. “They range from 1866/67 into the late 20th century.”

“We expect people coming out to see the exhibit will experience nostalgia, some people will remember people and places past, the younger generation will see the faces that formed our city,” she said. “I really learned a lot about Port Colborne putting together this exhibit.”

“It really highlights the history of the city,” she said.

This exhibit will be the museum’s main exhibit from May to December this year. Other upcoming exhibits are: Family Ties: Ontario turns 150 in July and August, June to December is Ship Shape, featuring hand-made wooden ships and November to December is: In the Spirit: A Victorian Christmas.

The Port Colborne Historical and Marine Museum is open daily to the public from noon – 5 p.m. from May 1 to the end of December.

For more info on the museum and to follow events, visit the museum website:

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