New Biz: Heartbeat Café

Wanda Butler and daugther Samantha Indermaur are the owners of Heartbeat Café in Port Colborne serving up a home-made breakfast and lunch menu featuring simple favourites and home-made desserts too.

Wanda Butler and daugther Samantha Indermaur are the owners of Heartbeat Café in Port Colborne serving up a home-made breakfast and lunch menu featuring simple favourites and home-made desserts too.

There’s a new energy pulsing on Charlotte St. in Port Colborne, the new energy is found in the Heartbeat Café owned and operated by mother and daughter Wanda Butler and Samantha Indermaur.

“I just love working with mom,” Samantha Indermaur said. “We have always worked together.”

Both bring a lot of experience to what they do.

“I used to own my own catering business in Mississauga,” Wanda Butler said. “I have always been in the food industry and I was teaching cooking over at Community Living Port Colborne Wainfleet.”

“I was teaching for three years over there teaching young adults how to cook on a budget,” she said.

“We have just kind of extended it over her,” she said. “We are a teaching café in support of Community Living.”

“So, what we are going to do, we are going to have some of the kids from Community Living come over here and do their co-op program, learn the cash register and learn how to prep,” she said. “I want to teach them everything about the food industry.”

Wanda Butler describes Heartbeat Café as a great breakfast and lunch place.

“We make a great soup and sandwich,” she said.

Featuring fresh made soup daily, the lunch and breakfast menu features classic favourites and home-made desserts with most of the ingredients being purchased supporting the Port Colborne Farmers’ Market.

“Everything here is home-made,” Wanda said. “We come in in the morning and start with our fresh-made soup of the day.”

“Everything comes from the Farmers’ Market here in Port Colborne,” she said. “We believe in supporting the market.”

The inspiration for the business for Wanda is her daughter Samantha.

“She goes to Community Living, she has been a big part of everything I’ve done here, I wanted a job for her,” she said. “There is not a lot of people in town that will hire kids from Community Living.”

“So, I wanted a little place for her and me, and the opportunity came and knocked on my door, so I went with it,” Wanda said. “And here we are, open a month Friday.”

“I love it,” Samantha said. “The first month has gone by really quick.”

“We have regulars already,” Wanda said. “We’ve had some really good feedback.”

“I enjoy meeting the new people,” Samantha said.

Their customers are presented with a friendly atmosphere that makes for a pleasant experience.

The Guild Hall is owned by St. James and St. Brendan Anglican Church.

“If it wasn’t for them this dream of mine would never have come true,” Wanda said.

“They came knocking on my door,” she said. “My name was given to them by one of their members.”

“They wanted this to be a café,” she said. “The person in charge, Rev. Canon Robert Hurkmans, wanted this to be a Monday to Saturday café. One of the ladies of the church gave him my name and he called me personally to talk to me about it.”

After a four page proposal they accepted her idea.

“They helped me like you wouldn’t believe to get this place ready for this,” she said.

Located at 72 Charlotte St. inside the Guild Hall, the Heartbeat Café is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays.

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