Niagara family receives first Enercare Fresh Start package

Photo supplied by Enercare – The Enercare Fresh Start Kit.

On Thursday, July 6th the first Enercare Fresh Start package was delivered to a Niagara family who recently moved from Bethlehem Housing and Support Services’ transitional housing program into permanent housing. Each Enercare Fresh Start package contains simple necessities, comfort items and small luxuries to help families get back on their feet.

The first Niagara region recipient, Shaniqua, is a young single mother to a one-year-old girl. She came to Bethlehem Housing just over a year ago with her newborn seeking assistance. When Shaniqua moved into Bethlehem Housing, she was connected with a personal support worker who worked one-on-one with her to develop a personal growth and transition plan. She recently secured permanent housing in the community and is beginning a new life with her daughter.

When the Enercare Fresh Start team pulled up at her new home they were greeted by Shaniqua and her outgoing daughter. Shaniqua was grateful for the items she received in her Enercare Fresh Start Package, which included new bedding for herself and educational toys for her daughter.

“I am ecstatic! I wouldn’t have been able to afford these items on my own,” said Shaniqua. “If I wasn’t at Bethlehem Housing I wouldn’t have had this opportunity. I am very thankful to the Enercare Fresh Start team.”

Enercare representatives were delighted to be able to personally deliver the Fresh Start package to Shaniqua and her daughter. John Samcoe, Enercare District Sales Manager, is one of the local Enercare representatives that coordinated the development and assembly of the personalized packages.

“It was a pleasure to shop for Shaniqua and her daughter. My daughter is also one-year-old, so I bought Shaniqua’s daughter one of my daughter’s favourite toys,” said John Samcoe. “The Enercare team has been working in the Niagara community for decades and it is nice to be able to support families that live in the communities where we live and work.”

The Enercare Fresh Start Program launched in September 2016 and has supported 17 families in partnership with York Region’s Yellow Brick House and downtown Toronto’s Red Door Family Shelter. In 2017, the program announced a partnership with Bethlehem Housing and Support Services in Niagara to support 20 families in the community.

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Source – Bethlehem Housing and Support Services press release

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