Niagara Health top performer in several health indicators

Niagara Health is pleased to share that the latest health system report measuring hospital performance across Canada shows we are a top performer in several areas.

The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) Your Health System 2016/17 report shows Niagara Health is a top performer – in the top 10 percent in Canada for at least the last three consecutive years – in four performance indicators:

  • Obstetrical injury to the mother during instrument-assisted vaginal deliveries
  • Readmissions to hospital for all patient types (medical, surgical, obstetrical and pediatrics)
  • Percentage of residents whose condition did not worsen related to assistance with walking and other movement
  • Number of long-term care residents whose mood from symptoms of depression worsened

Niagara Health also performed similar to the Canadian average in several other areas, including:

  • Emergency department wait times for physician initial assessment
  • Falls in long-term care
  • Hip fracture surgeries within 48 hours

“Our teams are committed to providing safe, quality care to our patients and families, and I’m delighted to see the progress we are making through the Your Health System report,” says Niagara Health President Suzanne Johnston. “The data produced in the report helps Niagara Health and the public better understand what we are doing well and areas where we can improve. For example, our teams are working on a number of strategies to reduce wait times in our Emergency Departments and to improve the patient experience.”

To see the detailed CIHI report, visit

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