Port Colborne business convicted for fire code violations

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A Port Colborne business – 1825081 Ontario Inc. – was convicted earlier this month in Provincial Offences Court for failing to comply with the Ontario Fire Code and was fined $17,500 in accordance with the provisions of the Fire Protection and Prevention Act.

On June 30 of last year, Port Colborne Fire and Emergency Services responded to a fire alarm activation at a care facility located at 36 Rosemount Ave. It was identified that the fire alarm system was not monitored in conformance with the requirements of the Ontario Fire Code, according to a release from the City of Port Colborne.

Based on this, the fire prevention officer conducted a safety inspection of the building at 36 Rosemount as well as an inspection at a care facility at 803 King St.; also under the control of the same company. It was further identified the fire alarm system at 803 King St. was not monitored in conformance with the requirements of the provincial fire code.

As a result of the fire safety inspections, numerous contraventions of the fire code were identified and prosecuted.

Mayor John Maloney commended the fire service for its diligence in protecting citizens residing in these residences.

“The safety of our residents is of the utmost importance. Our fire department will continue to inspect and enforce the laws with respect to fire safety,” he said.

At the time of this press release, 36 Rosemount Ave. is in compliance, and 803 King St. is in the final stages of meeting compliance.

Port Colborne Fire Chief Tom Cartwright reminds all residents that smoke alarms are mandatory under the law and that they do save lives.

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