Random act of kindness brings free downtown parking

Welland City Council is paying it forward with Random Act of Kindness Day (RAKD) this Friday, November 3, 2017. Council would like RAKD to be a city-wide celebration of kindness and compassion by promoting a “pay it forward” movement throughout the City.

This is the second consecutive year that Council has recognized Random Act of Kindness Day and has offered free parking in downtown municipal parking lots:

  • Lot 1, Courthouse Parking Lot, Area B (behind the Courthouse)
  • Lot 1, Courthouse Parking Lot, Area C (behind Civic Square)
  • Lot 6, Firehall Parking Lot, Area A (behind the Blue Star)
  • Lot 6, Firehall Parking Lot, Area B (next to Cool Licks)

Random Act of Kindness Day is a fun and simple way to encourage unexpected moments of kindness between citizens and communities.

“There are random acts of kindness seen in this city every day,” said Mayor Frank Campion. “We see it from our community groups, our volunteers, and our citizens. Council wants to acknowledge RAKD and pay it forward to residents and visitors with complimentary parking.”

Niagara Community Foundation is an advocate for RAKD and has been promoting the first Friday of November as RAKD for the past seven years. Niagara municipalities and organizations are participating in RAKD to spread goodwill through Niagara’s cities. Niagara Community Foundation encourages Niagara to share random acts of kindness with the world by tweeting with hashtag #RAKdayniagara.

Source – City of Welland press release

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