Region partners with Crime Stoppers to curb illegal dumping

Niagara Region and Crime Stoppers of Niagara are joining forces to help combat illegal dumping.

Alan Caslin, Regional Chair, and Ernie Sibbett, Chair of the Crime Stoppers Board of Directors, announced Tuesday May 9th a formal partnership between the two organizations that will increase public awareness of illegal dumping issues and provide residents with an alternative way to report illegal dumping.

The partnership is the first of its kind in Ontario and Crime Stoppers of Ontario has been encouraging all provincial municipalities to follow suit with their local Crime Stoppers agencies to combat illegal dumping and keep Ontario clean.

Under the partnership, Crime Stoppers of Niagara will now receive anonymous tips related to illegal dumping in the region using its anonymous reporting system. Information gathered from the tips line will be forwarded to the Region’s Waste Management Services division for investigation. Callers will remain anonymous.

The partnership strengthens the Region’s “See it. Report it.” campaign launched in 2013 to encourage residents to report evidence of illegal dumping so that incidents can be investigated and cleaned up quickly. Residents now have three ways to report:

A cash reward will be given to any person whose report of illegal dumping activity results in an act of compliance or leads to a conviction.

The partnership with Crime Stoppers of Niagara builds on the Region’s existing partnerships with local area municipalities, Ontario Power Generation, and the St. Lawrence Seaway.

2016 Illegal Dumping Facts:

  • The Region received 589 reports of illegal dumping, an 11 per cent increase in reported illegal dumping activity from the previous year.
  • The Region issued 44 warning letters and offence notices issued for illegal dumping incidents.
  • The number of cash awards for individuals who reported illegal dumping resulting in a conviction or compliance experienced a significant increase over previous years
  • The online reporting tool submissions have increased by an average of 49% annually over the past 3 years

Source – Niagara Region press release

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