Region working with Habitat for Humanity to improve access to housing

Regional Chair Alan Caslin, on behalf of Regional Council, accepted a plaque from Habitat for Humanity Niagara last week recognizing the Region’s contribution to the construction of four Habitat homes in 2017.

The Region provided grants to Habitat to offset development charges totaling $44,202 supporting the construction of homes in Fort Erie, Welland, Grimsby, and Niagara Falls. The grants were provided under the Region’s Non-Profit Regional Development Charges Grant program. The program has an annual budget of $150,000 to support projects that align with Council’s strategic goals and objectives.

“We are very thankful for Regional Council and staff for the priority that they place on affordable homeownership in Niagara,” said Alastair Davis, CEO of Habitat for Humanity Niagara. “Their commitment has been outstanding, and we look forward to having council and staff coming out to a build site and working side by side with our homeowner families. ”

“Regional Council thanks Habitat for Humanity for its work in providing quality, affordable housing to families in Niagara,” said Regional Chair Alan Caslin. “Improving access to affordable housing is a key goal and priority for Regional Council, and we were pleased to support Habitat for Humanity through the Region’s Non-Profit Regional Development Charges Grant program. Working together with community agencies like Habitat for Humanity is vital to improving the lives of Niagara residents and strengthening our communities.”

Source – Niagara Region press release

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