Rockwood homes damaged by fire

Fire Chief Dave Wood reminds residents they have a part to play in keeping themselves and their neighbours fire safe.

“Whether it’s making sure a pot on the stove is never unattended or storing spray paint cans properly, fire safety begins at home,” said Chief Wood following a blaze Wednesday, Feb. 2 at a townhouse complex at 131 Rockwood Ave. that displaced two families. “All homes must be protected with working smoke alarms.”

Firefighters responded to reports of a structure fire at around 7:45 p.m. and found flames spewing from a shed, fence and nearby trees that were quickly spreading to the roof of the end unit and the unit next door. Firefighters got the fire under control quickly and tenants from both units escaped safely.

The fire caused $125,000 in damage.

Fire Chief Wood said charges are pending because the home was missing working smoke alarms. Wood said the cause of the fire remains undetermined but adds proper housekeeping will help prevent these kind of house fires.

The Rockwood Avenue fire marked the fifth fire in two weeks in St. Catharines. The fire chief added there have
been nine fatal fires in Ontario so far this year. There were only four in January 2016.

“Fire safety begins at home. Make sure you have working carbon monoxide alarms, a fire escape plan and always be on the lookout for potential problems,” he said.

Wood urges residents to make sure electrical cords are in good condition without cracks or frays and never overload electrical sockets or overuse extension cords. He also advises residents to store flammable liquids in safe containers outside the home, such as in a well-ventilated shed.

The fire chief offers these other home safety tips:

  • Regularly inspect heating systems, fireplaces, wood stoves and chimneys and repair when needed
  • Use sturdy candle holders and put out candles when leaving the room
  • Always use ash trays or some sort of non-combustible container to butt out smoking materials

Visit for more information about home fire safety.

Source – City of St. Catharines press release

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