Snowbirds Fort Erie performance cancelled

DND Photo – The Canadian Forces Snowbirds have cancelled their May 24 Fort Erie appearance along with five other early season shows.

The Canadian Forces Snowbirds have cancelled their show scheduled for May 24 in Fort Erie. In total they have cancelled six performances before resuming their 2017 schedule.

“A reduced training period hampered by poor weather which continued into the show season, resulted in numerous cancelled practices. As a result, more training is required before the Snowbirds resume the 2017 schedule,” said Major Patrick Gobeil, Snowbirds Team Lead through their social media account.

The air show cancellations are:

  • Rochester, New York (May 17)
  • Quonset Air National Guard Base, Rhode Island (May 20 and 21)
  • Fort Erie, Ont. (May 24)
  • Windsor, Ont. (May 27 and 28)
  • Whiteman, Missouri (May 31)
  • Duluth, Minnesota (June 3 and 4)

“We intend to return to the air show circuit once we have the consistency required for our dynamic nine-aircraft aerobatic performance,” Gobeil said.

During the announcements at Monday’s meeting of Fort Erie Council Mayor Wayne Redekop spoke of the cancellation.

“I have one sad note,” he said during announcements. “We have just received notification that the Snowbirds event scheduled for May 24 has been cancelled.”

“There has been some issues relative to logistics,” he said. “We were advised that there were five other events they were to participate in have been cancelled as well.”

“So, unfortunately that will not take place on May 24 and as we get more information we will make that available to the public,” he said.

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