Town of Pelham to host Indie Music Festival Saturday

Fonthill’s Peace Park will swoon, sway, shimmy, and shake as the Town of Pelham hosts its first ever Indie Music Festival.

Thanks in large part to the Niagara Investment in Culture program, this one-day event – on Saturday August 12, 2017, from 3-11 p.m. – celebrates original art and live music performances by local artists, allowing residents to connect with the rich and diverse culture residing in their own backyard.

“The Indie Music Festival serves as a much-needed outlet for local artists to showcase their skills and talents, as the opportunities for a paid performance in this area are fairly scarce,” said Jodi Hendriks, culture and community enhancement programmer. “The community will be given the chance to enjoy an opportunity to support local singer/songwriters and local artists showcasing their work.”

By increasing exposure within the region and providing an environment for Niagara resident’s to gather and show their support/interest, there is a growing hope that festivals of this nature will strengthen connections between musicians, artists, and the community at large

Welland native Spencer Burton headlines the event, and is preceded by Cameron Lee, Mary Lou Minor, Too Much of John, Ron Whitman, and Jessica Wilson.

There are still opportunities for local artist to set up in the park to promote and sell their pieces. Interested parties should contact Jodi Hendriks (

The fully licensed event is brought to you by Kame & Kettle, 26 Acres Cider, Vineland Estates Winery, and local food vendors, with sponsorship from Contour Foot Care and sound and lighting set up by Riothill Studios.

Source – Town of Pelham press release

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