United Way in crunch time: $100,000 needed in two weeks

United Way LogoIt’s that time again; the time when United Way approaches its deadline for fundraising, and makes its decisions on which programs in our community to fund.

Since 2009, it has been a struggle economically to attain the campaign goal and meet the community’s growing needs.

With funding requests complete, United Way would need to see the campaign raise $700,000 this year to be able to adequately fund the programs and services in need. United Way South Niagara still has $100,000+ to achieve the $650,000 goal.

In a perfect world, United Way would raise an additional $150,000 which would permit them to fund programs at 100% based on our community need.

“We are looking to the people in our community to join us and do their part. To give what they can, how they can” said United Way South Niagara executive director Tamara Coleman-Lawrie.

“Our United Way has more than 40 local programs that desperately rely on our funding to help the people they work with,” she said “We are asking business owners, big or small, people who have the capacity to give, and those who want to help, to please contact us immediately. It’s easy to give, funds stay local and help the 1 in 3 people that will use an United Way funded program.”

United Way has been a part of South Niagara for more than 50 years, investing in life-changing programs. If you have not yet made a contribution to this year’s campaign, please consider lending a helping hand. Visit www.unitedwayniagara.org, call 905-735-0490, email office@unitedwayniagara.org to make your donation today. You’ll receive an official tax receipt, and reassurance that your donation is helping to fund more than 40 local programs and services.

For more information about United Way in our community, visit www.unitedwayniagara.org.

Source – United Way South Niagara press release



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