Welland installs air pumps along high traffic cycling route

Stations have been set up around Welland's high traffic cycling areas along the Welland Recreational Waterway.

Stations have been set up around Welland’s high traffic cycling areas along the Welland Recreational Waterway.

The City of Welland continues to thrive as a bike-friendly community. To encourage cycling along canal trails, the City has installed bike pumps along high-traffic cycling areas along the Recreational Waterway.  Welland is the first municipality in Niagara to offer this service to cyclists.

An electric bicycle pump is located at the Welland International Flatwater Centre to encourage cycling to the sporting events. Manual pumps are located at the Pen Financial Community Centre, Merritt Island, and a pump equipped with a toolkit is located at the Welland Community Wellness Complex. The bike pumps are placed in visual site of the cycling paths and easy to operate.

Welland Councillor, Michael Petrachenko, initiated the project and worked with the City’s Traffic and Parking Division to put the plan into a working project. “These pumps can be a bit of an oasis on the path to cyclists in need,” Petrachenko said. The councillor is an avid cyclist and advocate in encouraging cyclists to visit Welland. “We’re moving towards a better and more accommodating community for cyclists,” he said.

The pumps are free and conveniently located on the east and west side of the Waterway. City of

Welland received a Bronze Status from Bicycle Friendly Community in 2012 and strives to reach a higher status in the future.

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