Wellspring Niagara facility another step closer to calling Pelham home

Town of Pelham photo – The papers were signed in last Monday’s meeting of Pelham Town Council bringing a Wellspring Niagara facility one step closer to making its home in Pelham.

The site plan, lease agreement, and purchase of land documents signed Monday, May 15, at Pelham Town Council, signified the next step in Wellspring Niagara’s move to Pelham.

As agreed upon in a 2014 memorandum of understanding, the Town will lease lands in East Fonthill to Wellspring Niagara for a renewable term of 20 years at an annual rent of one dollar. The parties agreed that the actual fair value of the lands ($1,040,119.81) leased to Wellspring will be a donation by the Town to the Wellspring building campaign.

Wellspring Niagara currently operates from a 2,000 square foot unit in Thorold, ON, with a satellite centre in Stevensville, ON, that opened in 2006. Since opening its doors in 2001, Wellspring has registered over 46,000 program attendances from men, women, and children.

Paul Morocco, vice-chair of Wellspring’s board of directors, offered sincere appreciation for the Town’s generosity.

“We are so grateful for what you’re doing for us,” said Morocco. “I can’t get over that fact you would do such a kind gesture. There will be people who get that dreaded diagnosis and they’re going to come to a caring place; that caring place is the Town of Pelham.”

“Wellspring embodies a spirit of generosity and sacrifice at a critical time in people’s lives,” said Mayor Dave Augustyn. “We know you’ll do marvelous things with this facility and we’re so pleased you’re coming to Pelham and continuing the wonderful embodiment of giving.”

Wellspring Niagara first opened its doors with a mission to provide free social, emotional, psychological, informational and spiritual support to individuals living with cancer, their families and close supporters. As a not-for-profit, charitable organization, Wellspring Niagara relies solely on the financial support of the community it serves, the Niagara region. For more information, visit: www.wellspring.ca/niagara.

Source – Town of Pelham press release

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