2018 Annual Report showcases a city leading change

City of Welland press release – The City of Welland has released its third consecutive Annual Report, showcasing the city’s 2018 accomplishments.

The report is an information tool that highlights the city’s progress, achievements, and commitment to transforming Welland into a smarter city through smarter services and more open data.

One of the achievements highlighted is Welland’s platinum status award from the World Council on City Data for ISO 37120 certification on Sustainable Development on Communities: Indicators for City Services and Quality of Life.

The City of Welland 2018 Annual Report Highlights:

  • Messages from Mayor and CAO
  • Smart City strategy and initiatives
  • Communication practices
  • Inspiring healthy communities through recreation and culture
  • Optimizing the city’s hard services
  • Building sustainable infrastructure
  • Investing in economic development
  • Financial responsibility

“We will methodically determine our future so that Welland maintains its small-town atmosphere while providing world-class jobs and amenities,” said Mayor Frank Campion. “The City of Welland has emerged as a smart nimble city held in high regard on the international stage in a highly competitive economy. We are growing and changing, and we are ready.”

“While the report focuses on key highlights and successes from 2018, its narrative is of a City that is changing and evolving through increased growth and development, record investments in infrastructure, and is supported by a dynamic organization focused on strategy, innovation, and collaboration,” said CAO Gary Long. “The report also demonstrates that at our core, we’re all about delivering quality programs and services every day with pride, and our steadfast commitment to customer service excellence.”

For more information on the City of Welland and to view the 2018 Annual Report visit https://www.welland.ca/HotTopics/AnnualReport.asp.