3 tips to beat winter blues while making a difference

Cold weather, lack of sunlight and too much time cooped up indoors? Sometimes it can be hard to keep your mood up during the winter months. The impact of the long dark wintertime is well-documented, and some people suffer from seasonal affective disorder. For others, it may just take staying energized, motivated and connected to the issues you care about. Here are some ways to beat the blues.

  • Join a book club. Winter is the perfect time to read, so why not do it in a group? Many organizations offer great reading lists, resources and social opportunities with clubs covering a range of themes and issues. One choice is the Amnesty International book club, which offers new selections, reading guides, notes from authors, and opportunities to take action and directly engage with the issues addressed in the reading list.
  • Connect to a cause. There is no greater motivator than feeling genuinely engaged in a cause you are passionate about. Consider choosing one that lets you spend more time outdoors so you have a chance to reconnect with nature. Getting involved in a good cause is a great way to expand your social circle and meet new people who share the same interests.
  • Have people over. In recent years, North Americans have been spending less time eating together at home. That is valuable time lost for connecting with loved ones and those in your community. You may not be the only person suffering from the winter blues this season, so why not have people for a meal? If you follow tips one and two, you’ll have lots to talk about with your guests.

Find more information on the Amnesty book club and social and activist groups near you at www.amnesty.ca.

Source – www.newscanada.com



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