Artifact of the Week: Compass from John O. McKellar lifeboat

The compass from the lifeboat from S.S. John O. McKellar

Welcome to the Artifact of the Week from the Port Colborne Historical and Marine Museum. This week’s artifact is the compass from the lifeboat of the vessel John O. McKellar donated by Gordon Gonyou.

The S.S. John O. McKellar

The S.S. John O McKellar launched in 1952 was designed and built by Weller Dry Docks for the Colonial Steamship Company. Captain Scott Misener and Chief Engineer John O. McKellar were partners in the shipping business from 1919 until McKellar’s death in 1951. Misener then decided to name the company’s new ship in memory of McKellar.

S.S. John O. McKellar



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