Artifact of the Week: Milk bottle from Port Colborne Dairy

Welcome to the Artifact of the Week from the Port Colborne Historical and Marine Museum. This week’s artifact is a milk bottle from Port Colborne Dairy donated by Verna Walker to the museum.

Port Colborne Dairy

The Port Colborne Dairy on Killaly Street was one of the several delivering milk and cream to the local community. First owned by W.J. Ebert, then purchased about 1927 by F.S. Chambers, the Port Colborne Dairy also supplied local ice cream parlours.

“Port Colborne Dairy milk is absolutely unexcelled! Prompt deliveries, superior products, clean and healthful, these services and qualities have brought us a large volume of business. Are YOU on the list?” – Port Colborne Dairy Advertisement, Port Colborne Citizen, 16 April 1929.



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