BBBSSN big winners at Canal Days Sawhorse Races

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The big winners were Big Brothers Big Sisters South Niagara (BBBSSN) at Saturday’s running of the Port Colborne Main Street BIA Second Annual Sawhorse Race at Lock 8 Downs.

“The event began last year, a couple of our members had the idea, it went well and here it is again this year,” Jenni Lamarre, Sawhorse Race chair said. “The event is a fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters South Niagara, it’s a good match for us, this partnership.”

“We had a few horses that couldn’t make it this year, but, we got a few new ones in which is really great,” she said. “It is so much fun the way everyone comes out and pulls together which makes it a great day.”

Jennifer Roberge, Fund Delopment Coordinator BBBSSN was really happy with the turnout for Saturday’s event.

“This has been a really fun day,” Roberge said. “It’s an event that is quite unique and there is nothing like it around here.”

“It is in its second year and growing, so hopefully next year, we see even more horses,” she said.

Funds raised through events like this go to funding “matches.”

“It takes about $1,000 a year to sustain a match, a big and a little,” she said. “Money raised today will help maintain matches for the next year or so.”

Winning the crown this year was returning champion sawhorse Eccentric who was crewed by new jockey Kim Danch with Mitch Concessi as the pusher. The champion sawhorse is owned Kim and Frank Danch of Franks Home Building Centre.

Jockey Kim Danch had a great strategy which helped win the final race.

“I just held on tight and closed my eyes,” she said. “We had some great steering and a great pusher with a lot of communication back and forth.”

Considering they both were new, it was important that they had an experienced steed in the race.

“The horse did all the work,” Kim Danch said.

“I was thinking so much about the competition,” pusher Mitch Concessi said. “I didn’t want to let my team down, I didn’t want to let my boss down so I had to give it my all.”

For tips for anyone wanting to participate next year, jockey Kim Danch offers the following tips. “Watch the turns and don’t tip over.”

Mitch Concessi stressed that “You need to train your steed.”

“You just gotta know how to pick them,” owner Frank Danch said about putting together the winning combination.

As far as the competition goes, he said they were all gunning for his horse.

“’Let’s beat Frank,’ but they can’t seem to beat Frank,” he said.

The two time winner of the Humberstone Cup didn’t issue a challenge yet for next year though but, he stressed that in the end, it was all about the community.

“It was all for the community, Main St. Merchants and everybody had a really good time,” he said. “And Big Brothers Big Sisters, as long as they win, that’s all that matters.”

Second place went to the Carstar Team, horses name is Black Stallion who was jockeyed by Kalvin Dubuc with pusher Ryan Moore. Third place went to the Marc Guilbeault & Associates Ltd. sawhorse with jockey Rebeccah Fuaco and pusher John Ferhman. Best in Show went to the Port Colborne Animal Hospital horse Harrid’s Chariot, jockey Sharon Saxon Buri, pusher Amedeo Buri. Best Jockey went to Amanda Dirstein on Guilbeault’s Island. The youngest participant (parade) went to 3 1/2-year-old Cole Etling (Woody) with Bullseye.