Beat the winter blues while helping your community

The grey weather, harsh snowfalls and spending too much time inside watching movies can really start to affect a person negatively – you start to feel restless, anxious and could even have sleep troubles.

So why not follow these tips to get you feeling motivated and energetic? You’ll be helping people in your community and getting involved.

  1. Volunteer with a local human rights organization. There are always plenty of places to choose from wherever you live. Join an organization that you feel passionate about and it will become one of the greatest motivators. Through volunteering, you can gain valuable skills, such as critical thinking and organization, which can make you stand out to potential employers. Also, meeting new people can help you to grow your social circle and to make lifelong friends.
  2. Join a book club. Reading is an amazing pastime and a way to overcome restlessness. Many different organizations offer reading lists, resources and social opportunities with book clubs. This can help you enrich your knowledge of current world issues while giving you an opportunity to step up and take action. A reliable choice is the Amnesty International Canada book club, which offers a variety of selections, guides and notes from authors.
  3. Host a dinner party. It will be a great way to get to know people you’ve met through volunteering, so all of you can beat the winter blues together while eating delicious food. You can discuss how you have been giving back and learn new ways. With all you have done this winter, there will be lots to talk about.

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