Big Screen can bring Welland together to celebrate Canadian moments

The Mayor’s Report with Welland Mayor Frank Campion

Frank Campion, Mayor City of Welland. Photo by Thies Bogner

Frank Campion, Mayor City of Welland. Photo by Thies Bogner

By Mayor Frank Campion – There’s a buzz around the City that this summer has been one of the most eventful summers since the 150th celebration of Welland.

In retrospect, this summer has indeed been a collage of activities. The events and festivals have kept residents engaged, active, and entertained.

The amphitheatre was filled with people during the concert series, children relished the Pop-up in the Park activities—and along with many other summer events—The Tragically Hip was aired on Civic Square’s Big Screen.

The August 20th Tragically Hip broadcast brought the public together to embrace and celebrate the success of a great Canadian band.

Crowds began to flow into the downtown core early for the 7:30 p.m. pre-show, where Giant FM 91.7 welcomed everyone and challenged the crowd with Tragically Hip trivia. The concert began at 8:30 p.m. as crowds cheering across Canada and the sound of music floating through the streets of downtown Welland.

Airing the Tragically Hip concert was a pleasure for Council and City staff. The City’s Big Screen is more than an advertising tool. It also has the ability to assist with delivering valuable municipal information regarding programs, services, and special events.

The Big Screen is not only able to inform the public about special events, but it also has the ability to deliver spectacular events similar to the Tragically Hip broadcast. The Big Screen has the capability to bring our community together to share great Canadian moments and join us together with civic pride.

The investment in the Big Screen is also an investment in community development and branding this amazing City.

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