BLX holding Easter Art Hunt in Welland


A group of Welland-based artists are going to make it easy for anyone to walk home with local art Easter weekend.
The Black Lantern Experience (BLX) will hold the first-ever BLX Easter Art Hunt, part of an initiative to promote public art in Welland and to encourage the community to support local artists, on Saturday, April 19.
The hunt will see 30 or more pieces of art hidden in the downtown Welland. In the area east of King St., north of and including Market Square and Division St., west of Ross St. and East Main, and south of the Boardwalk, Courthouse, and Dorothy St..
“I had been planning to do something on a much smaller scale on my own. Like just dropping a couple random pieces of art in random locations around the city. Around the world there are a lot of artists, especially street artists, who do random free art drops,” said BLX member Chris Lagesten.
Lagesten said it gives the public or someone that may not have looked at a person’s art before a chance to own a piece and hang it in their personal space.
“When I mentioned the idea to James (Takeo, a BLX founding member), we discussed it a bit and decided having all of BLX involved and creating our own version of an Easter egg hunt would be an awesome idea,” Lagesten said.
He said the art will be packaged in clear plastic to protect it from the elements, and each package will also contain the artist’s info or a note, along with sheet explaining why BLX put on the Easter Art Hunt and a bit about the group.
Lagesten and Takeo said the art will be randomly hidden by BLX members and all pieces, marked with a free art label’, will be accessible to just about everyone.
“Some may as simple as sitting on a bench or on the steps of a vacant building, while others may be tucked down an alley or hanging from a tree. All I can say is they could be anywhere,” said Lagesten, in an email interview.
The two men said it looks likes a majority of the artists involved with BLX will be contributing, especially the core group. Some artists will be contributing multiple pieces.
Art will range from photographic prints, paintings, sketches, street art, and possibly even custom toys.
Asked whether he was worried about people taking more than one piece of art during the Easter Art Hunt, Lagesten didn’t think there was really any way it could be policed.
“For all we know the City of Welland could throw them all in the garbage before anyone gets a chance to find them. I would like to think that anyone that is going to spend the time searching for the art would be honest and would understand we are doing this to give art to the general public and not just one or two people that can run around really quick and fill their trunk. As with anything there are always people who will be greedy and only care about themselves and not see the bigger picture.”
Lagesten said social media is a huge part of how BLX lets the public know what it’s up to all the time.
“We are asking that people who find artwork take photos and post to the BLX Facebook page as well as on Instagram, Twitter, etc. with the hashtag #blx #easterarthunt. Brag about the art you found.”
BLX has a public Facebook page at


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