Bringing Ward 2 issues to the forefront

Angie council pic

Port Colborne needs to focus more on jobs, strengthening existing business areas, and attracting new business, says Ward 2 Coun. Angie Desmarais.
“There’s still work to be done in Port Colborne, I want to continue improving our community,” says
Desmarais, who registered last week as a candidate in Ward 2 for the October municipal election.
The 61-year-old is hoping to serve another four years representing voters at city hall.
“It has been an honour working with residents and serving on council. These past four years, being part of the team running the affairs of the city has seen me wearing many hats. I’ve been the banker, the builder, the cheerleader, the activist, the mediator, the developer, the facilitator, the public servant, and the list goes on.”
She says while much has been accomplished, many Ward 2 issues have remained on the back burner due to the focus on some recent projects and budget restraints.
“I want to make sure Ward 2 concerns, such as the central park drain, are brought to the forefront and finally dealt with. A comprehensive plan for Nickel Beach (which sits in Ward 2) will assist tourism efforts and enhance life in the community.”
She says there needs to be a continued focus on infrastructure, a city-wide traffic study and expanding the current public transit options to help shape the future of the city.
Port Colborne, she says, needs a state-of-the-art urgent care centre before the shovel goes in the ground for another NHS hospital.
“Our mayor is always telling us that Port Colborne is poised for strong growth. He is right, and I want to help make it happen.”