Brock offers help to foreign students stranded by U.S. ban

Brock logo this oneBrock University press release – Brock University has announced immediate steps to streamline its admissions process and waive certain fees for students from countries impacted by U.S. travel restrictions.

University officials have spent several days consulting faculty and students affected by the new measures, and monitoring the plight of international students whose education plans have been paralyzed by political moves in Washington.

Last week, President Donald Trump triggered anxiety and protests in his own country and globally when he imposed U.S. travel restrictions on citizens from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Somalia and Yemen.

In a communiqué sent today to Canadian embassies and high commissions, as well as partner institutions and international colleagues around the world, Brock listed steps it is taking to help eligible undergraduate and ESL students register for classes that would start in May or September of this year.

For students affected by the travel ban, Brock has pledged to:

  • accelerate admissions for academically qualified students holding passports from the listed countries
  • waiveapplication fees for admissions and residence
  • cut tuition deposits by 50 per cent
  • provide a $1,000 “transition award” to help students get to Brock’s main campus in Niagara
  • assess current university studies for use as transfer credits
  • guarantee residence spaces for the upcoming spring, summer and fall terms

Applicants might also be eligible for additional funding through Brock’s existing scholarships and awards for international students from all countries.

University Provost Tom Dunk said senior administration and staff have been working most of the week on ways to help potential students who have been impacted by the Trump order.

“Brock welcomes individuals from around the world,” said Dunk. “Fostering an inclusive, safe and accessible environment is at the heart of this university’s core values.”

Jamie Mandigo, Brock’s Vice-Provost for Enrolment Management and International, calls the move “a gesture to help support those caught in the middle of all this mess.”

“We have been urged by members of our own community to be part of a solution, to step up and help people who are trapped in a political quandary that is not of their making,” said Mandigo.

To request more information on the Brock plan, email


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