Building success in Niagara

Wainfleet’s Chief Building Official, Randy De Guire, recently took part in an information sharing session set up by the Chief Building Officials of Niagara (CBON) and the Niagara Home Building Industry. The session, hosted by the Niagara Region took place Feb. 6/2018.

A mid-year growth report prepared by the Region identified that 2017 experienced positive growth in the building industry with new house starts up 6% over the previous year. They also predict that 2018 will see similar growth throughout the region. This growth has created challenges within the Building community and local municipal governments that have given rise to a number of concerns related to that increased volume.

“The Regional CBON group reached out to the building industry in an effort to confront the challenges created by this growth,” said De Guire. “The goal is to open a dialogue between builders and Building Officials, to help facilitate positive change and aid in the success of the local home building industry.”

The Niagara Homebuilders Association (NHBA) submitted correspondence to the CBON group requesting clarity on their concerns over new changes to the building code, intermunicipal uniformity in delivery of service and more cooperative communication to streamline the building permit and inspection process throughout the region.

De Guire felt the meeting was a chance for both sides of the table to come together to collaborate with an emphasis on understanding the roles that the building industry and the Municipalities play in the construction and enforcement process. It was a common consensus that any ability to find efficiencies in the process would have a positive impact on the health of the Building industry.

All parties acknowledged the value in the presentation and agreed that future meetings should happen on a regular basis to foster a better understanding of changes to the building code and the implications to the industry.

Source – Township of Wainfleet press release



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