Canal Days Kite Festival ready for take off

Lee Sedgwick of Erie, Pennsylvania, performs with one of his custom kites Saturday at the Canal Days International Kite Festival.

Clear skies mixed with a building wind is the perfect recipe for a successful Canal Days International Kite Festival.

“We are looking at a building wind throughout the day, this afternoon will have a lot of kites in the sky,” said Canal Days Kite Show organizer Fred Taylor. “Tonight, it will be perfect for our night flight.”

Taylor has been watching the weather closely today.

“We are seeing the wind building from 2 p.m. on, we do have a night fly planned,” he said. “As soon as it is dusk, we will have some kites up. We will have a big power light here shining up.”

“One of the kites tonight looks like a flaming snake,” he said. “It’s going to be a great display, we have some people that are really up on night flies.”

Otherwise, there will be kites in the skies both today and Sunday, Aug. 4/2019

“Over on one field, we will call it our demo field, there will be mostly stunt kites, this year we are going to try stunt kites to music,” Taylor said. “We have two line and four line kites as well as a fighter-kite demonstration.”

“On the other field we are going to have our show kites, you will see large inflatable kites, banners and more,” he said.

The kite festival is an international kite festival bringing people from all over North America.

“This year, we have some guests coming from Australia,” Taylor said. “They specifically timed their visit so they could be here for Canal Days.”

The Canal Days International Kite Festival is located at the corner of Killally St. W. and West Side Rd.