City begins work on transportation master plan

The last time the City of St. Catharines created a transportation master plan Brock University had just opened its doors, the population was around 85,000 and St. Catharines Transit had been in operation for less than five years.

The transportation needs of residents have expanded considerably since 1965, which is why City staff are embarking on a new Transportation Master Plan to shape the future of walking, driving, cycling and commuting in St. Catharines.

“Transportation is about more than just cars and streets,” said Brian Applebee, manager of transportation services for the City. “It’s about providing alternative and sustainable ways to connect residents to the places they need to go, both within the city and beyond our borders.”

The public can give their feedback on the long-term transportation needs of the city by taking part in MetroQuest, an interactive, online activity that guides residents through questions and scenarios related to cars, transit and cycling. MetroQuest launches July 11 at and will be available until Sept. 1.

Additional public feedback opportunities will be available in the fall, including a series of open houses and an online survey.

“The goal of our Transportation Master Plan is to look at what the city needs tomorrow, as well as today,” said Applebee. “With GO Train and inter-municipal transit on the horizon we need to design and develop a transportation system that complements what’s already here and what will be here.”

Additional technical workshops will be held with local stakeholder groups as part of the development of the Transportation Master Plan.

More information is available at

Source – City of St. Catharines press release



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