City offers property owners residential rodent rebate program

City of Welland press release – To help curb rodent issues in Welland, the city is introducing a Residential Rodent Control Rebate Program, which offers a maximum eligible rebate for the service of a licensed pest control expert of $200 per residential property per calendar year. The rebate is retroactive to pest control services dating back to May 1/2018.

The Residential Rodent Rebate Program is a simple four-step process that is straightforward and easy to complete from start to finish. The following four steps must be completed for eligibility:

  • Site Inspection by Welland By-law Officer
  • Property owner hires an authorized contractor and completes the application
  • Submit application and invoice
  • Application Review by city staff

“We’re pleased to provide the Rodent Rebate Program to homeowners,” said Ali Khan, Supervisor of Traffic, Parking and By-laws. “Discovering a rodent problem on your property can be emotionally and financially frustrating. We hope property owners will take advantage of this opportunity.”

Welland City Council allocated $25,000 towards the Residential Rodent Rebate Program for 2019. Property owners are urged to apply quickly because city staff says the program could receive many applications and fatigue program funds to nil before the end of 2019. To begin the application and find more information on the Residential Rodent Rebate Program or to schedule a site inspection with a City of Welland By-law Officer, visit


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