City pulls support from Fire Combat Team charity calendar

The City of St. Catharines has pulled its backing from the production of an annual St. Catharines Fire Combat Team calendar which was sold to help raise funds for Pathstone Mental Health.

“The City recently made a management decision – supported by the senior leadership team – that City resources will no longer be used in the creation and promotion of a calendar by the St. Catharines Fire Combat Team for charity if the firefighters are partially undressed,” a City of St. Catharines press release said.

“The City would like to emphasize this decision is not about charity, it’s about respect and dignity in the workplace and workplace culture,” said Deputy Chief Administrative Officer David Oakes in the press release. “As a corporation, the City continues to evolve and to re-evaluate policies and procedures to ensure they support efforts to be an inclusive workplace where employees and citizens have the dignity and respect they deserve.”

“At the City, a calendar depicting males or females partially undressed is not permitted in the workplace,” the release says. “To ensure there are no contradictions in the expectations of the corporation, as an employer, the City will no longer promote or support the publication of photographs of partially undressed employees in their professional capacity or using City resources.”

“This decision does not mean the St. Catharines Combat Team can no longer create a calendar,” said Fire Chief Jeff McCormick in the press release. “It means the City will not allow the use of City resources, equipment, uniforms, logos to be used in the production of the calendar in its current format. We remain hopeful, however, that this annual fundraiser can be re-envisioned in a manner that Fire Services and the City can support.”


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