City Transportation Master Plan moves forward

City of St. Catharines press release – St. Catharines is rolling ahead with its Transportation Master Plan (TMP) and is now seeking public input.

A Transportation Master Plan is a long-range strategy that will ultimately guide the future of transportation within St. Catharines to support community growth. Designed as a strategy to assist City staff to proactively plan for the future of the City, the TMP supports infrastructure implementation, behaviour change and policy directions.

“The TMP will guide the future of transportation with long-term goals of community resilience, growth, health, and environmental sustainability,” said Manager of Transportation Services Brian Applebee. “This is a new vision for transportation in St. Catharines that involves innovative ideas and recommendations.”

The TMP is being developed using a ‘complete streets’ approach, which Applebee describes as the foundation upon which decisions can be made to implement facilities, routes and corridors designed for people of all ages, abilities and modes of travel including walking, cycling, taking transit and driving.

“A well-designed complete street-based Transportation Master Plan will promote activity, livability and connectivity and result in a network of transportation infrastructure and services that enables people to travel seamlessly to their destination of choice
using any given mode of transportation,” added Applebee.

To-date, the City has gathered input from interactive online engagement tools, engagement pop-ups at Brock University, working sessions with internal and external stakeholders and public input sessions.

The draft TMP recommendations will be presented to the community on Dec. 3, 2020, via an online meeting, which the City will stream on YouTube.

This will not be a meeting of Council but an opportunity for the TMP project team to communicate draft recommendations to the public and receive input.

Input from the public following this meeting will be used to inform potential refinements to the draft recommendations and to identify key considerations that should be addressed prior to finalizing the TMP and bringing it forward to Council for adoption in the first quarter of 2021.

To find out more about the TMP and register to participate in the Public Input Session on Dec. 3, visit

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