City water bills going up two per cent

New water and wastewater rates are coming down the pipe.

St. Catharines water bills are going up by 1.98 per cent after City Council passed the 2017 water and wastewater budget, including the new rates, after a public meeting Monday March 27.

The increased rates mean water/wastewater bills will be about $15 more for the average customer consuming 174 cubic meters of water a year. The rate increase is below the rate of inflation.

“Water use in St. Catharines has declined significantly and it’s clear our residents take their responsibility to conserve water seriously,” said Mayor Walter Sendzik. “The City has done a good job of balancing water conservation with investments to maintain safe drinking water systems while keeping rates affordable for residents.”

The new water rates come into effect April 1. The City’s water system is fully-funded by the water and wastewater rates customers pay and doesn’t rely on property taxes. Rates are a combination of fixed and variable consumption charges based on the amount of water used.

Because part of the water system is funded by variable consumption rates, decreasing water consumption in St. Catharines over the last 17 years has impacted the way the City budgets water and wastewater infrastructure investments.

The City will continue to develop water and wastewater budgets that meet provincial guidelines requiring these systems be funded through their own separate rates, invest in infrastructure and keep rates affordable for residents.

More information on the 2017 water and wastewater budget is available at:

Source – City of St. Catharines press release