Combined UWay goal of $1.8 Million directly supports community

uwaypicLast Thursday the United Way South Niagara kicked off its 2016 campaign with a few differences. The United Way South Niagara and the United Way of Niagara Falls and Greater Fort Erie are approaching the annual campaign together.

Their goal is to raise $1.8 million to be invested in the communities.

“We are simply strategically working together on most aspects of our organization, roles and campaign,” said United Way South Niagara executive director Tamara Coleman-Lawrie. “This will improve our capacity by increasing our operational efficiencies, reducing duplicated efforts (for example, developing the same materials), joining efforts on campaign strategies, and more.”

“The joint campaign goal for United Way Niagara Falls and Greater Fort Erie and South Niagara is $1,800,000,” she said.  “Funds raised in each community will remain in each community.”

A press release from the United Way of South Niagara talked about this new strategy.

“In the United Way’s world, focus is often centred on a financial fundraising goal,” the release said. “This comes from years of announcing a fundraising goal to the community, followed by a similar announcement about achieving this goal.  While financial goals are important, they are not the only goals that make a United Way year successful.”

The release also said: “As we approach the annual fundraising campaign together, United Way of Niagara Falls and Greater Fort Erie and United Way South Niagara would like to focus the community’s attention on the following goals. Together we can make these happen.

Directly impact the lives of 68,649 individuals in our community through the provision of excellent programs and services. And in some specific areas:-

  • Provide programs to 985 children to help them succeed in school.
  • Provide assistance to 30,338 individuals who are struggling with food insecurity.
  • Provide mental health support services to 5,703 folks to help stabilize their lives.
  • Organize and host at least 10 community education opportunities.
  • Recruit volunteers to execute at least one Day of Caring for a local agency.
  • Increase the number of volunteer hours contributed to United Way work by 5%.
  • Increase the number of opportunities for volunteer income tax clinics by 10%.
  • Increase the number of individuals donating to the United Way by 5%.
  • And finally, raise $1.8 million to invest in our communities. “

The work of the United Way is very important to the community, a very high percentage access programs which receive funding through the United Way.

“United Way is vital to the community,” said Coleman-Lawrie. “Across Niagara, approximately 100 programs are capable of supporting people in need because of the funding received from United Ways.”

“One in three people will use a United Way funded program, and in Port Colborne, it is even greater at one out of every two people,” she said.

“We all have either personally or through family or friends, been impacted by challenging times,” she said. “We all know someone who has needed a hand up at times.  That is why United Way is important, because we help to deliver programs and services that offer a hand up for people and families when in need.”

“It is important that the community support the United Way so that local organizations who rely on United Way funding can continue to offer these services and focus on delivering quality support instead of fundraising,” she said.  “United Way is the community’s most effective way to support the greatest impact for people.”

For more information including scheduled events, check the United Way Niagara website: . For those wishing to donate are create fundraising events, this is also available through the website. You can find them on Facebook and Twitter.



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