Coming soon; Jace Wars Episode 4, The Giving Spirit Continues

Jace Wars Episode 4 is happening this Saturday. The fundraiser organized by Jace Russell and his family raises money for McMaster Children's Hospital and Ronald McDonald House Hamilton.
Jace Wars Episode 4 is happening this Saturday. The fundraiser organized by Jace Russell and his family raises money for McMaster Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House Hamilton.

In a galaxy far away in Port Colborne, there is a continuing story of bravery, hope, charity and friendship. This year is the fourth installment of Jace Wars, celebrating the need to support the Ronald McDonald House Hamilton and McMaster Children’s Hospital by six-year-old Jace Russell.

The event will be held at the L.R. Wilson Archives at the Port Colborne Marine and Historical Museum, 280 King St., from noon to 4 p.m. There will be lots of family themed activities there, the theme, of course, Star Wars. There is no admission to get in, the funds are raised through activity donations and raffles.

“It’s about Star Wars and donating, there’s lots of cool stuff,” Jace said. “Money goes to Ronald McDonald House and McMaster.”

When asked why he does this, Jace responded “Because I want to do it.”

When he was 14 months old, doctors had discovered that he had a brain tumour. While he was undergoing an emergency MRI at the hospital his dad Aaron Russell had to use Star Wars to help make it through that night.

“We were already fans, but, at 14 months he had to do an emergency MRI and for a 14-month-old to not move is virtually impossible,” Aaron Russell said. “And that’s when I kind of explained to him that he’s going into his favourite characters ship, those are the lights and the sounds. It got us through that night.”

jacewarsThe fundraisers started about one year after.

“He had his tumour at 14 months and after a year, we had a little collectible coin fundraiser,” Aaron said. “And from there, it just kind of blew up.”

“We have raised over $30,000 over the past four years,” he said.

The fundraiser for Aaron and Jace is about having a good time.

“There will be characters there, real life droids and Disney Princesses for the girls, face painting and barbecue,” he said. “We have a 14 foot statue of the Hulk coming for kids to get pictures with, bouncy castles and games and raffle prizes.”

“Darth Vader will be coming and we are also having some haircutting, Wigs for Kids, some people are going to donate their hair,” he said.

“I think we really stopped looking at numbers this year, all we really want is for people to come out and have a good time,” he said. “We’re really hoping to see about 300 people, last year was very successful, this year we are hoping for the same.”

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