Community rallies around Central Fire Station

Jake Redikop, left, who was a firefighter in Queenston, and Harry Peenan of Niagara Falls who has developed an interest in the history of Central Fire Hall, look over an old pumper on display Saturday.

It was a successful day as the Niagara community rallied at Central Fire Station in Welland Saturday, Sept. 29/2018 to help raise funds for renovations to the building to be completed by the 100th anniversary of the building in 2020.

“What an amazing turnout,” Nora Reid, president of the Central Fire Station Education Initiative (CFSEI) said. “People have come from all over Niagara to support us today.”

“It’s great to see the members of the community here,” she said. “So many people have come who’ve had connections to the fire hall, ‘My dad was here, my great-grandfather was here, my uncle.’”

“There’s a lady here today whose dad drew the map on the wall here,” she said.

Around the station there were artifacts, memories of the community donated to the initiative to share. On the board on the wall, the roll call for the last shift at the fire hall, the old alarm system sits, a reminder to the days when there was fire boxes on every street corner.

For some of the visitors, the chance to sit in an old fire truck was a nice Saturday adventure, for others just talking about the history and the architecture of the building was an eye-opening experience.

“It really shows that this is the right thing that the community wanted,” Reid said. “Everyone I have talked to today really supports the project, they want to see this preserved, they want to see it as a vibrant part of the community.”

“It’s kind of a monument to everyone that has ever worked out of this building,” she said.

For more information about the Central Fire Station Education Initiative’s activities and upcoming events, see their page on Facebook.