Community shows overwhelming support for Pelham food drive

The Pelham Community Food Drive sorting centre at Rice Rd. Greenhouses was a beehive of activity Saturday.

Rice Road Greenhouses was a beehive of activity Saturday Dec. 1/2018, it was being used as a sorting point for food collected in this year’s Pelham Community Food Drive.

Vehicles from routes were pulling up, volunteers unloaded the vehicles and quickly brought the items in for processing.

The food collected is distributed to families in the community who need support through Pelham Cares.

“We’ve got over 300 volunteers in this effort,” Tracy Holmwood, board of directors president Pelham Cares said.

“We’ve been doing this quite a long time now,” she said. “The community really comes together and supports it.”

One of the partners involved in the food drive is the Fonthill Kinsmen Club

“We look after the Fonthill routes, we have about 150 volunteers for about 30 routes,” Len Doyle of the Fonthill Kinsmen Club said.

There is always a mix of new and old volunteers for this event.

“We even had people just show up to help today,” Doyle said. “So, we happily put them to work, we put them on routes we needed filled, so, it worked out just perfectly.”

For Pelham Cares, the food drive helps to support families in need in the community.

“We are very grateful for the support from everyone in the community,” Holmwood of Pelham Cares said. “All the volunteers, churches, sponsors, businesses, without them we really wouldn’t be able to support the people we do in their time of need.”

The need for monetary and food donations for Pelham Cares are ongoing. Anyone wishing to make a donation of food or money to support families in the community can find out more information through the Pelham Cares website:



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