Confirmation of Fort Erie Transit One-Way Loop Transit System

Effective July 16,/2018 the Fort Erie Transit system will officially return to its previous one bus, one direction (clockwise), hourly service for the East Route (also known as the East Route #750), and the North Route (also known as the North Route #770).

The only route with slight changes will be to the West Route (also known as the West Route #760). The West route will change to have the bus go south on Ridge Rd. S, to Rebstock Rd, then head west on Rebstock Rd, instead of Roxborough Ave. Additionally stop #305 will be moved from the corner of Ridge Rd S and Roxborough Ave, to the corner of Ridge Rd. S and Rebstock Rd.

This decision came after many discussions with the Transit Advisory Committee (TAC) along with ridership data that showed a steady decline in the use of the transit system when the two routes  (clockwise and counter-clockwise) were in use.

Despite the change in the routes it is still important to note that the additional level of service that was initiated with the clockwise and counter-clockwise routes has been maintained. Providing a superior level of service that previously did not exist in the Fort Erie Transit system. These improvements include:

  • Expanded routes in Fort Erie, Ridgeway and Crystal Beach
  • Additional route to Stevensville and Black Creek
  • Connections to Niagara Falls, Brock University and Niagara College
  • New main transit hub located at the Municipal Centre
  • Expanded hours from 6am to 9pm on all routes
  • New pre-paid smart cards available for purchase onboard
  • New mobile friendly Fort Erie Transit website, which includes real-time bus times, up-to-date transit alerts and detours, and trip planning capabilities.

“It should also be noted that the Fort Erie Transit System is 100% accessible, complete with audio and visual pre-boarding and onboard announcements of routes and stops. This accessibility allows everyone to freely move around Fort Erie, a welcoming, prosperous, connected community of choice,” said Fort Erie Mayor Wayne Redekop.

Source – Town of Fort Erie press release



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