Creative partnership moves Welland Public Library into Seaway Mall

Seaway Mall and the Welland Public Library collectively announced their excitement at the news Friday Feb. 10 of the Welland Public Library becoming the latest community service to join the Seaway Mall family. This innovative partnership will make it easier for customers to access the Welland Public Library’s services in a convenient, central location with free parking.

This unique location at Seaway Mall will be a new branch of the Welland Public Library. This is a creative partnership between the public and private sector benefiting both parties and reacting well to what customers have been asking for from local services. The high traffic location will assist in raising the libraries’ profile and in turn the Welland Public Library offers extra activities and services to shoppers within Seaway Mall.

“Along with the Main Branch on The Boardwalk and the Diamond Trail Branch on Southworth Street, the installation of the new Seaway Mall Branch positions the Library to serve the entire community,” said Qingyi (Ken) Su, CEO, Welland Public Library. “The Welland Public Library has always been a community leader in lifelong learning. I am extremely proud of what we have accomplished so far and very excited about this new opportunity. Thank you to the City of Welland and to the Seaway Mall for making this project possible.”

The Welland Public Library developed its 2016-2020 Strategic Plan and during the process the Board confirmed the importance of developing partnerships with community groups and creating a community hub that will become a magnet destination for residents. The Seaway Mall catchment area extends across the Niagara Region and draws a customer base of over 225,000 people annually. The mall also has over 600 registered mall walkers who regularly use the facility for exercise purposes. The Library appreciates the opportunity to use the mall space and acknowledges this mutually beneficial private-public partnership.

Seaway Mall has always been at the front of positive change within the Welland community with eight non-profits as tenants currently. The Welland Public Library aims to enrich lives and strengthen the Welland community through lifelong learning resources. The Library offers numerous free and low-cost services and programs and is always a welcoming place for residents to imagine, connect and discover. Following on from previous progress, Seaway Mall welcomes the Welland Public Library.

“The fit for Seaway Mall and the Welland Public Library has been perfect from when the idea was conceived. We are very excited to offer the additional services to our shoppers as well as showcase our stores to new clients,” said -Michael Belcastro, President, Seaway Mall. “The free parking available at Seaway Mall is an additional draw for visitors as well as the natural development of a community hub in a busy space. It’s an amazing opportunity for Seaway Mall to showcase the range of services offered within the mall.”

Source – Seaway Mall press release



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