Donation of 150,000 loads of laundry detergent helps families in Lincoln

Cheryl Keddy-Scott, Executive Director of The Village of Hope recently received a donation of 150,00 loads of laundry detergent from Anita Spiller, Head of PR Tru Earth. Photo by Rita Zietsma

Helping to ease the burden faced by many, Tru Earth made a donation of 150,000 zero-waste laundry strips to the Village of Hope last Thursday, Aug. 20, 2020.

The Village of Hope helps families in need in Lincoln.

“Today’s donation of 150,000 zero-waste strips, inspired by the growing need during the COVID-19 crisis and valued at $72,000 is part of Canadian company, Tru Earth’s commitment to continually give back to those who need assistance. It is a continuation in a campaign that has already topped 2 million loads of laundry to support food banks, shelters and hospitals in Canada and abroad,” a Tru Earth press release said.

The donation will help eliminate laundry costs for more than 500 individuals and families who access the Village of Hope’s programs.

“We believe that it takes a village to raise a child,” says Cheryl Keddy-Scott, Executive Director of The Village of Hope in the press release. “That strong sense of community is what drives us every day to help those who are living on the margins and facing food insecurity. This donation of laundry strips will give families more money to feed their families.”

The donation was made possible by the generosity of Tru Earth customers. Every load of laundry that is purchased on subscription results in a load donated to the cause.

The customers are responsible for 2,021,984 loads of laundry detergent ($1,051,188.93 retail value) which is donated to families in need across the globe.

“Our core value at Tru Earth is that consistent small action can lead to big change in the world. We see this not as a choice but as our commitment to help make the world a better place” said Brad Liski, Co-Founder of Tru Earth in the press release. “We are a Start-Up Company but we are inspired by our team, our customers and our local, national and international organizations that are addressing the greatest need and caring for the most vulnerable among us. We urge other Canadian companies to come forward and help those most in need during this pandemic.”

“Tru Earth is challenging other companies to step forward and help fill the gap for families who have food insecurities. Food banks not only need fresh food and pantry items but also household and personal items too. If companies have disposable paper products, hygiene essentials and non-food items, they can help the cause as well. For every dollar that can be saved on these items means more money for rent, hydro and transportation costs. Now is the time to join the movement. #truthearthmovement,” the press release says.