DSBN posts notice that schools will close in event of CUPE strike

dsbn logoThe District School Board of Niagara has posted notice on its website Friday, Oct. 4/2019, that it will close all schools and cancel transportation if there is a strike by CUPE members. Negotiations are ongoing, however, a strike may begin Monday, Oct. 7.

“In the event of a province-wide strike by CUPE members, the DSBN will have no choice but to close all schools and cancel transportation. Safety is our number one priority and without CUPE members in schools, we would not be able to maintain a safe environment,” the notice said. “We encourage parents to begin making alternate child care arrangements for their children.

The notice also says that the EarlyON centres will be open, all non-CUPE staff will report to work as normal, all school rental permits will be cancelled, all student co-ops will be cancelled, night school credit courses will continue to operate and eLearning courses will continue with no penalty for students without access.

“Bargaining is expected to continue on Friday. If a deal is reached and there is no strike, schools will be open as usual on Monday. This is a province-wide job action and must be resolved at that level. It is not a dispute between the DSBN and CUPE. We value the hard work of our CUPE members,” the notice said.

Updates will be posted to the DSBN social media accounts and the DSBN website when available.